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Meeting volunteer leader info.

Our group is a volunteer support group, we survive because participants support each other and volunteer their services to lead the group. We do not expect new attendees to lead the group but ask that seasoned members consider doing so.

Each Thursday evening meeting we will ask for someone within our group to lead the next week's meeting.

Below are the guidelines the meeting leader should follow for each meeting.​

  • Come 10 minutes early to the meeting and allow attendees into the zoom meeting.

  • Ask if anyone is in crisis and needs immediate attention.

  • Welcome new attendees.

  • Make it clear that we are all peers and offer no medical advice and are not acting as professionals. Medications can be discussed but we should refrain from offering medical advice. We can only state what has worked for us.

  • Ask that everyone has read the guidelines posted on our website and also ask if someone will read those guidelines.

  • Ask each attendee to introduce themselves, state their disorder ( if they choose), and give a brief 3-minute or less description of their week.  Ask that they offer a topic for the night's discussion. Attendees may pass if they so choose. 

  • Write the list of topics and keep the meeting flowing using these topics as guides.

  • Be mindful of those who may get off track and forget to use "I” language, cross-talk, or get off topic in areas not allowed within the meeting. Please do so in a polite manner.  If an attendee is abusive ask them to leave the meeting. 

  • Ask who will be willing to lead next week's Thursday evening meeting.  Send an email to to notify us as to whom will be leading the next week's Thursday evening meeting. 

  • Close the meeting on time and at  5 minutes before closing and  open the  meeting to cross talk  asking  if anyone has anything to share  such as Ideas , questions  or a related  charity event  etc.  . 

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